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Stop Wasting Time

Easy Convert makes setting up for drops easy and speedy. Our software offers an array of features to help you stay ready.

No Setup required

EasyConvert is a cross platform application that is designed with the user in mind to save you hours... Literally!  

No Monthly Payments

We understand the costs of being a reseller and the expenses we endure to cop that shoe, that's why we are only a ONE TIME PAYEMENT . 😉

One Profile Template

Easy Convert offers profile conversion for all major bots in the sneaker community. Users are able to make profiles for all bots just from one template. Not satisfied? Don't worry, we also support Bot to Bot conversion.


Easy Convert offers in house support via our discord! Users also have access to a well written documentation along with helpful videos to make their experience easy.

Most Afforable Software

Easy Convert is the most afforable and reliable software on the market. Our goal is to offer fair and cheap prices while outdoing our competitors. We want you to experience above the standard.


Easy Convert

Lifetime Copy


  • Profile Converters supporting all commercial bots
  • Proxy Creators supporting cloud providers
  • Task Creation for bots
  • Accurate multi-site proxy testing
  • In house account creating supporting all of shopify
  • Access to exclusive discord providing support and other features